Projects Reference list

Project Name : [AMI/CON/2012/017] laundry Services at JMMT Camp, BIAP, Iraq
Location : BIAP
Clients : UNAMI
Contract Value : 50000 USD
Duration : 6 Months

Project Name : 9 sites Generators sites preparation
Location : Nine sites
Clients : UNDP
Contract Value : 53000 USD
Duration : Months

Project Name : Three TB and Hospital Renovation /Contract No. :P/AMO70/11
Location : Baghdad and Salah Al Deen
Clients : UNDP
Contract Value : 246000 USD
Duration : 6 Months

Project Name : Contract No. AMI/CON/2011/050 - Refurbishment of Hard Structure Building -360 UNAMI - Kirkuk).
Location : Kirkuk
Clients : UNAMI
Contract Value : 77000 USD
Duration : 2 Months

Project Name : Contract No. AMI/CON/2011/028 - Provision of Installation, Maintenance& Repair of CCTV Systems at UNAMI BIAP
Location : Baghdad-BIAP
Clients : UNAMI
Contract Value : 55000 USD
Duration : One Year

Location : IZ-Baghdad
Clients : UNAMI
Contract Value : 1,810,000 USD
Date : January 2011
Duration : Four months
Project Summary
Design and implement steel structure of 2500 m^3 with side walk protection structure and sand bags.

Project Name : Implement (80) residential building (500^2) in Waran city in Erbil
Location : Erbil
Clients : Ranj Company For Construction &Investment
Contract Value : 7,710,000USD
Date : January 2011
Duration : 365 Days
Project Summary
Implementation of 80 Residential building units, with an area of (350) m2 for each apartment, 3bed rooms With all required services.

Project Name : AMI/CON/2011/013 for the Provision of Installation, Upgrade, Repairs, and Maintenance of Public Announcement System (P.A) for the UNAMI Premises in the IZ, Baghdad Iraq. (Including Diwan School) Compound, Tamimi Compound
Location : IZ-Baghdad
Clients : UNAMI
Contract Value : 480,000USD
Date : February 2011
Duration : Four months
Project Summary
Supplying ,test ,training and installation all kind of speakers(wall,ceiling and horn) ,amplifiers and complete announcement system.

Project Name : AMI/CON/2010/049 for the Refurbishment of Car Park at UNAMI Interim Facility in International Zone (IZ), Baghdad, Iraq
Location : IZ-Baghdad
Clients : UNAMI
Contract Value : 780,000USD
Date : December-2010
Duration : Five months
Project Summary
Implementation of all the Earth works and levels of water and sewage of Timmi Compound Parking with construction Building a fortified point guards ,all the electrical works and asphalt works.

Project Name : supply and install Clay Brick factory with capacity of 60000 Block/Day
Location : Thiqar Province
Clients : Al Slam AL maser Company-Private Sector
Contract Value : 25,000,000USD
Date : February 2009
Duration : 12 months

Project Name : supply and install Cement factory with capacity of 300000 tons/Year.
Location : Waist Province
Clients : Al Shnashel company-Private Sector
Contract Value : 40,000,000USD
Date : March 2006
Duration : 15 months
Project Summary
Supply and install complete cement factory with all required services and Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works.

Project Name : Al-Basrah Children Hospital
Location : Basrah
Clients : UNDP
Date : July 2009 December 2009
Total Amount : US $ 1,200,000
Project Summary
The works consist all civil, Mechanical and electrical including plastering, painting false ceiling ,ducting, cladding and wood and metal works.

Project Name : 33/11 new Anbar 7 killo substation.
Clients : Anbar Government
Project Summary : Construction of 33/11 new Anbar Government substation. The works include construction of buildings delivery and install equipment, commissioning, training and all necessary connections. Most equipment was delivered from Siemens. Supply connect 3 * 150 mm.12/20(24)KV cable long 4500 m Supply connect 3 * 150 mm.18/30(36)KV cable long 8500 m

Project Name : Several Constructions Projects for UNAMI (United Nation)
Location : Baghdad – IZ
Clients : UNAMI (United Nations Procurement Division)
Date : February 2006 to December 2009
Total Amount : US $5,000,000
Project Summary :
Al Sami Refurbishment of Logistic Base and Limit Location and Enhancement Of Diwan Pedestrian Entrance These projects consist Brick and structure and all Security Enhancements works. Al Sami Co. finished Supply and installation telephone and IT network wiring Al Sami Co. completes successful raft and strip footing, columns, slabs, walls, etc…

Project Name : Upgrade Commonwealth compound inside the IZ in Baghdad.
Clients : Commonwealth Compound.
Date : January 2009 to August 2009
Total Amount : 580,000 USD
Project Summary :
The project contains many activities. The main activities were Upgrading the power supply plant and electric network, upgrading security Facilities and repairing main access roads.

Project Name : Rehabilitation of 20 Schools
Location : Al-Rasheed Municipality
Clients : Bechtel Company
Date : August 2003 to October 2003
Total Amount : US $ 400,000
Project Summary :
Al Sami Co. Executed 25 Schools directly and Supervising for another 44 Schools, the Rehabilitation of Schools are finished in exact Time. Bill of Quantity of this project are contain Brick works, Screed and Plastering works, Painting, Sanitary, Plumbing, Roofing, Glazing, and Finishing works.

Project Name : 6 Mobile Substation in Al Anbar Province.
Clients : Department of the Army- Gulf Region Division, central
District, Corps of Engineers
Date : January 2006 to April 2007
Total Amount : 2,550,000 USD
Project Summary :
Supply the expertise, materials, labor and equipment necessary to design and construct six 33/11kV mobile substations at various Locations within Al Anbar Province, Iraq. The work involves supply and installation of the substations together with associated site work and connections. The substations will be trailer mounted to allow subsequent reLocation. The substations are of uniform design to allow interchangeability of parts between Locations. The works include commissioning the substations under the Supervision of Ministry of Electricity.

Project Name : Rehabilitation works of Al –Lateen Church
Location : Baghdad
Clients : UNDP
Date : July 2008 October 2008
Total Amount : US $ 287,000
Project Summary :
Works consist of the following Maintain the body of the church like the domes, surrounding wall, Doors and windows. Protect the wood from the white ant. From the archaeological point of view maintain its external brick walls Sculpture and internal Ceiling engraved painting. Repair electrical lighting installations.

Project Name : Fallujah F5 Sewage Pump Station.
Clients : Joint Contracting Command- Iraq & Afghanistan,
Date : October 2006 to October 2010
Total Amount : 1,850,000 USD
Project Summary :
Engineering, design review, construction, commissioning, Operation and training of new, completely operational, wastewater pumping station F5 inside Fallujah, 50 kilometers west of Baghdad including the pumps and motors, emergency generators, and transformers for the pump station. Notwithstanding the demanding security situation at the time, the depth of the station of about 20 meters and very high water table were some of construction challenges for this project.

Project Name : Install new Baghdad Police College Water Treatment Plant
Location : Police College /Baghdad
Clients : Mercury Development
Date : May 2008 September 2008
Total Amount : US $ 477,000
Project Summary :
Supply and install a new compact water treatment unit to serve 4000 Persons the Work consist supply &install pumps, filters, big storage tanks, Pipes and R.O. unit). Digging and testing water well around 50 m depth/Baghdad police collage

Project Name : Mobile station of Badraa in Wassite province.
Clients : Ministry of electricity - Wassite net work Directorate
Date : 1 February 2009 to June 2010
Total Amount : 1,280,000 USD
Project Summary :
supply complete 33kv mobile substation with traitor , switchgears and batteries for Badra district in Wassite province the switchgear are ABB Made VD4 type assembled in Turkey.

Project Name : Supplying 11 KV switchgear for old KUT Substation.
Clients : Wassite network diretorate
Date : July 2008 to May 2009
Total Amount : 750,000 USD
Project Summary :
Supplying Complete 11 KV SWITCHGEAR for old Kut substation - which consist from ABB Vaccume circuit breaker assembeled by Energy alliance Gmbh - The project include also supplying Testing relays from Megger.

Project Name : Rehabilitation of sewage networks
Location : Diewniah Governorate
Clients : Triangle (NGO)
Date : April 2005 September 2005
Total Amount : US $ 297,000

Project Name : 132 KVA overhead lines in Ramadi.
Clients : Gulf Region Division-Central District
Date : October 2006 to June 2007
Total Amount : 2,690,000 USD
Project Summary :
Construction of a 132 KVA overhead line from Ar Ramadi east to Hit. Four types of high tension towers were used.

Project Name : Rehabilitation of 50 Water Compact units
Location : Kuit ,Kerbla and Diyala Governorates
Clients : ACTED (NGO)
Date : April 2004 September 2005
Total Amount : US $ 597,000

Project Name : Abo Teban water treatment plant
Clients : Al-Anbar governorate
POC : AL-Anbar Water Directorate
Date : November 2007 to June 2008
Total Amount : 1,670,000 USD
Project Summary :
supplying and installation complete water treatment plant with capacity of 200 m3/h includes clarifier and settling tank, filtration vessel; feed water pumps, chlorination dosing system, aluminum sulfate predation tank with dosing pump, backup generators, and transformers. They manufactured by (ARI ARITMA) Turkish company.

Project Name : 33/11 new Husaybah substation.
Clients : Secure Global Engineering.
Date : October 2006 to November 2007
Total Amount : 1,350,000 USD
Project Summary :
Construction of 33/11 new Hsibah substation. The works include construction of buildings delivery and install equipment, commissioning, training and all necessary connections. Most equipment was delivered from Siemens. Work consist Supply of pumps, filters, valves, replacing old hoses with new Galvanized Pipes, cleaning &Painting sedimentation tank and Filters

Project Name : Site preparation works
Location : Mousel Governorate
Clients : Black Horse / U.S. Army
Date : April 2003 to December 2003
Total Amount : US $ 1,587,000
Project Summary :
Work consist Site preparation of approxm.23000 square meters, with all the services of D sewerage and electricity cables and Telephones cable with supplying 550 caravans, Two generators with 4 Mega capacity.

Project Name : QTM & QRF Facilities in Baghdad.
Clients : CAPE Environmental
Date : October 2005 To April 2006
Total Amount : 1,950,000 USD
Project Summary :
Design and construction of a building for Infantry Brigade QTM and QRF. The site is located in Abu Ghraib, one of the hottest and most dangerous areas in Iraq. The project entailed about 50,000m2 of new construction and rehabilitation including schools, a mosque, a clinic, training facilities, power generation plants, infrastructure, and water and sewage facilities. The most pressing challenge was the short completion timeframe and imminent danger in the area. The University of Baghdad performed quality control functions with more than 40 engineers monitoring and adjusting specifications and quality requirements. The National State laboratory was responsible for all field and laboratory tests.

Project Name : Cladding and clazing works ( Al Manar Hotel )
Location : UAE
Clint : Al Manar General Trade Company
Date : May 2005 to Febrary 2009
Total Amount : 300.000 USD

Project Name : Human recourse and event management services
Date : July 2006 December 2009
Total Amount : US $ 9,000,000
Project Summary :
Provide the human Resource services (hiring monitors) for the 18 Iraqi Governorates

Project Name : Supply Different materials
Location : Iraq
Clients : United nations organizations
Date : July 1998 to present date
Total Amount : US $ 20,000,000