1 Concrete Cylinder pipe Ameron - S. Arabia
2 Profiles HDPE Pipe and Fittings 300-4000 mm dia Karl-Heniz Krah, Germany
3 Valves, Pipe Joints Fire Hydrants A VK Saudi Vaves Co.-S. Arabia
4 GRP Panel Water Tanks Sintex Industries - India
5 Water Treatment System 25 m3/hr - 2000 m3/hr GETCO, KSA
6 Civil and military protection equipments DEENSIDE, UK
7 Electrical fitting and accessories Lipta. Turkay
8 Wood and metal industries Al Waleed Industrial LLC. UAE
9 Kitchen equipments EAST BRATT, Italy
10 Hydraulic jack Bend pack, USA
11 technical education labe EDIBON, Spain
12 Soufanbldg Soufan Bros.Co , UAE
13 Water Treatment system TORY, Japan
14 Micro water filter AQOU Perfection, USA
15 Security equipments DELTA Scientific Cooperation,USA
16 Medical Food Products Complex Msudguide, USA
17 Spectrum equipments Spectrum, UAE
18 Medical equipments Soma technology, inc., USA
19 Cables manufactures Emta Electric Inc. Turkay
20 Fire alarm system Edwards System Technology / Ge Security , UAS
21 Water treatment technology Golden Fortune Technology. USA
22 Security equipment Turnstiles. us, inc., USA
23 Temperature Sensors GTS ,Bahrain
24 Instrumentation Cables, Fire Performance, High Voltage Cables OLEX CABLES , Australia
25 Lighting Traclighting and controls , U.K.
26 Turnkey Contracting / Manufacturing ( OHTL, Telecommunication Projects, OHTL Towers, Fasteners, Transmis- sion Line Hardware ete.) SA-RA Energy Co. , Turkey
27 Lighting Managment Systems Electricity werk Wells , Austria
28 Low Voltage Cables Ozguvan Kablo ,Turkey
29 Emergency Lighting Daisalix , Spain
30 Electrical Boilers T.C.S , U.K.
31 Insulators Santa Terezinha , Brazil
32 Bare Aluminum Conductors Apar Industries Ltd., India